I've been a traditional artist for nearly as long as I've been a human being and have been a photographer since my teenage years when I decided my hero in life was Linda McCartney. Music has been a passion that I express mostly through guitar covers and singing along to the classics, but I have written a song or two and hope to write more.

When I'm not creating the more traditional arts, crafts and sewing are my calling. Creating patterns for dresses I've seen in old classic films or just knitting along to something I liked on the internet, I'm never without a new working creation.

Travel is another joy in my life and I plan to share stories of my journeys and aspirations here, showing off my travel photography along the way.

With this website, I have a space to collect and organise all that is me. For my enjoyment and that of others.

Write me to jess.zaikova@gmail.com if you have any questions, or you want a commission!